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Basic Coaching Skills Training

By means of solution-oriented Life Coaching Approach ,it is possible to make your life more meaningful, valuable, balanced and happier those who want to be successful and who say ” I have a problem” or ” I have goals”.

Together with Life Coaching, ıt is easy to change yourself, your life and your choices. Be aware of your values. you can overcome your problems easily by focusing on solutions.

By selecting a successful,well-balanced and happy life, you can overtake the essence of great change about your future.Development and change is a process and you can experience this.


– The Miracles and Functions of Brain

– Learning Processes

– Detection of Personal Representation Systems

– What is Coaching? What is not?

– General Frame and Process of Coaching Interview

– The Facilitators of Coaching Process

– Coaching Communication Channels

– Body-Mind-Emotion Development

– The Wheel of Life

– SWOT Analysis

– Importance and Priority

– Vision and Goal Setting

– Walt Disney’s Strategy

– Behavioral Models

– Language Patterns

– Setting the Action Plan

– Completion of Coaching Process